Ben Amis

Web Developer

Vancouver based Front-End Web Developer skilled in HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Javascript, PHP and Python.

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Coding professional and personal websites with responsive scaling and SEO in mind. Experienced with SASS/LESS and HTML frameworks such as Bootstrap/Foundation.

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jQuery & Javascript

Experienced with both Object-oriented and procedural programming. Using Javascript and the jQuery library to get more interactivity out of websites.

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PHP & Python

Experienced with mySQL and JSON. I have a strong interest in server side technologies and how they are used within websites and databases.

A Beautiful Hand-Coded Calculator

This project is a favourite of mine as it demonstrates a good mix of HTML, CSS and Javascript to present a beautiful, fully functional calculator.

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7 8 9 + 4 5 6 - 1 2 3 ÷ 0 . = x

A fully functional typing tool. See where you place on the leaderboard below!

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A top 5 leaderboard for the Typing Test!

For this project I used Javascript on the frontend and PHP & MySQL on the backend

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The Rich Knight

This is my first javascript game using the canvas technique. Go ahead and move the character using W A S D...even diagonally!

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Soccer Showdown

A fully responsive site designed to showcase a fictitious recreational soccer organization. View the full site here.

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soccer website

HTML & CSS Stopwatch

A fun and functional stopwatch that takes heavy use of css animations.

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From Design to Development

This was a redesign project of a traditional Italian pizzeria. The full website can be found here.

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pizza website

lion logo

Logo Design for a fictional gaming company.

I created this logo in illustrator using the pen tool. The overall project took 5 hours and manages to use 3 different gradients in a single logo while still looking simple.

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Flexbox Gallery

A javascript flexbox that gives a unique way of viewing photos. Click to enhance a photo and display a message.

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watch design

A smart and sleek watch

Created in Illustrator using shapes only (no pen tool) to highlight my knowledge of the program and design understanding.

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