About Us

Soccer Showdown has one goal: to provide the best possible experience to our members. Whether it's league nights, theme parties, team trips, social gatherings, or other Urban Rec events, we want to provide an unparalleled experience that you'll remember forever.

ben amis picture

Ben Amis

Coming from a professional soccer background Ben started the company in 2016 with his long term partner Megumi. Taking the company to one of the biggest sporting recreational companies in Vancouver.

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Megumi Kinoshita

Megumi joined with her partner Ben in 2016 to turn Soccer Showdown into the thriving organization that it is today. Megumi is responsible for securing partnership with several charities across British Columbia.

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Nathan Sarin

Nathan Joined Soccer Showdown from its birth and has been managing the leagues, players and referees ever since. The reason Soccer Showdown is so entertaining is down to the imaginative ideas of Nathan.